Forex is an awesome way to make and lose money. I have done both and have been quite good at both - hahaha - actually it is quite sad sometimes. There are a good many things to learn and pay attention to, but I give props to a few: Ruth Irons via The Wagner University and then also to Chris Lori via The Pro Trader's Club. These two people are excellent leaders / teachers and are not in it for your money, but to train and teach.

There is much to be aware of, so start basic with a demo account were you use real platforms, trading prices are live, but you trade just a fake account. Then after you start to do real well, it's time to "play" with real money. I would recommend only using money that you do not mind giving away, because real money has a way that messes with your head, gut, emotions, spirit... Adrenaline rush anyone? Place your bets, watch the trends, and have fun.

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